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July 12, 2012. "Yiddishe Cup klezmer band entertains."

June 13, 2011. "It's all music to his ears."

June 29, 2009. "Concert Review: Yiddishe Cup"

June 28, 2009. "Shticky fun is on a roll."

June 24, 2009. "The Blues and Beyond. Yiddishe Cup has something for everyone."

February, 2009. "Where Klezmer Meets Corn." (Playing klezmer in mostly rural places.)

Feb. 1, 2007. "Expect more music, less comedy.  Klezmer band will try to play it straight (mostly) this time."

April 21, 2006. "Hello, New York.  Klezmer band Yiddishe Cup makes its N.Y. debut"

Nov. 5, 2004. "Setting Yiddishkeit to mambo, metal and surf" (Meshugeneh Mambo is "over-the-top, ridiculous humor . . . I laughed out loud.")

Nov. 5, 2004. "The Indie spirit. Some big-time music from some small-time labels." ("I'm sure the American Psychiatric Society is watching [Yiddishe Cup] closely.")

Aug. 27, 2004. "Klezmer Komedy. Mickey Katz inspires S.F.-born 'shtickmeister'" (All about Yiddishe Cup's shtickmeister/dance leader.)

July 24, 2004. "Sextet uses klezmer to satisfy craving for Yiddish yuks" (The MC5 and Yiddishe Cup are mentioned in the same paragraph.)

June 30, 2004. "Klezmer Comedy: Yiddishe Cup pays tribute to Mickey Katz" ("To  think  that  there were Jewish guys recording  old  78s  as well  as old  black  guys was  a revelation," says bandleader.)

Feb. 8, 2003. "Yiddishe Cup Brings Fun Brand of Jewish Music to Dallas." ("Klezmer's like a garbage dump," says bandleader.)

Dec. 16, 2001. "Band pours out mix of jazz, folk, fun" (Boring headline, informative article. Read about Louis Armstrong and Mickey Katz.)

Dec. 7, 2001. "Six Bears for every Jew."  (Yiddishe Cup's foray to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.)

June 30, 2000. "Klezmer Rocks." (Doo-wop klezmer at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)

the folk song magazine, Spring 2000. Yiddfellas review. ("Adept  . . . Really jells."  A total rave.)

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