Is Yiddishe Cup too Jewish?

“Too Jewish,” here, refers to anybody, or any organization, that is more religious or Jewishly plugged-in than you are.

Yiddishe Cup -- at least the name – is definitely “too Jewish” for a lot of yehudim.

Many people think Yiddishe Cup plays mostly Orthodox Jewish celebrations.
Wrong. Yiddishe Cup plays a smattering of Orthodox functions each year, and a ton of Reform, Conservative, and non-Jewish parties.

Many people think Yiddishe Cup plays exclusively klezmer music. Wrong. The band often plays up to 75 percent American music. Do the math . . . if you want at least 25 percent Jewish music at your celebration, call us. If you want simply  “Hava Nagilah,” call the other guys.

Maybe Yiddishe Cup should change its name to Serendipity, or Kaleidoscope. We’d play even more weddings and bar mitzvahs! (On the other hand, we might change our name to the Kosher Spears so we can play more heavy-metal Jewish bars.)



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