About Meshugeneh Mambo

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Meshugeneh Mambo CD


11. Anim Zemiros
12. Circles and Arches
13. Pachalafaka
14. Nelika
15. Tsiganeshti
16. Hora Martisorului
17. Kol Rino
18. Sci Fi Medley
19. Hallelujah
10. Yiddishe Blues (DJ Paradiddle Remix)
11. Sami Malik's Tune
12. Di zun vet aruntergeyn
13. Meron
14. 40A

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Meshugeneh Mambo CD


11. Meshugeneh Mambo
12. My Yiddishe Mama
13. Tsuris
14. Trombonik Tanz
15. Cheder Days
16. Gentile on My Mind
17. K'nock Around the Clock
18. Play Klezmer Play
19. Second Avenue Square Dance
10. Nudnik the Flying Shisl
11. I Am a Man of Constant Blessings
12. Li'l Gypsy
13. Essen
14. Ose Shalom
15. Knish Doctor

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Yiddfellas CD


11. Freylekhs Medley
12. Shabbos nign
13. Der yidisher soldat in di trenshes
14. Be Fat Bulgars
15. That's Morris
16. Di tayereste in Bukovina
17. Mekhuteneste mayne 
18. Oy Kishinev 
19. Kandel's Hora
10. Fun tashlikh
11. Gypsy
12. Zug es mir nokhamol
13. Rozhinkes mit mandlen
14. Tatar Dance

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Klezmerized CD


11. Di goldene khasene /
       Der alter tsigayner
12. Bay mir bistu sheyn
13. Max's Bulgar
14. Tsena, Tsena/ Am Yisrael Chai
15. Doina
16. Vi bistu geveyzn far prohibition?
17. Sirba
18. Tumbalalaika
19. Araber Tants
10. 16 Tons
11. Szól a kakas már
12. Romania, Romania

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About Meshugeneh Mambo:
"'Meshugeneh Mambo' is not just about klezmer music. It is a cultural revival of the American Jewish comedy of the '50s . . ."
--Sarah Kricheff, Forward
"This is the most outrageous combination of '50s Borscht Belt shtick and post-modern Jewish deconstruction I've heard in years and, boy, did we need it."
--Ari Davidow,
"This CD will have great schmaltz appeal to those who enjoy getting into the gestalt of 'gevalt.'"
--Arlene Fine, Cleveland Jewish News

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