Karen Saidel, mother of bar mitzvah, Beachwood

Thank you again for a great party! Truly!

Amy Luzar, mother of bar mitzvah, Shaker Heights

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job entertaining our whole party. So many guests commented on how well you engaged the kids in age-appropriate activities which they so enjoyed! I could not be happier with how the whole day went. It was exactly what I imagined and hoped it would be! Please tell Alice and the band how awesome you all are.

James Shlonsky, father of bat mitzvah, Shaker Heights

You guys are great! Thanks for another wonderful event. I hope you got lunch.

Jackie Duhamel, mother of bat mitzvah, Shaker Heights
Thank you for making Emma's party so memorable. Everyone remarked about how fun you all were. The table requests in particular were a big hit. You were exactly what we'd been looking for.

Roberta Waxman-Lenz, mother of bar mitzvah, Beachwood

Thank you for all for a wonderful evening! You were very generous with your time. You made our occasion ever so joyous!

Marvin Krislov, father of bar mitzvah, Oberlin

Thanks again for a wonderful band/games show. Everyone loved it, and we were thrilled to say it was our family playing / leading!

Rosalie and Steve Litt, parents of bat mitzvah, Shaker Heights

Thank you, thank you for making a potentially boring party a very exciting one.  You got raves from everyone.  Even Sarah had a great time!

Rosemary Hoffman, mother of bar mitzvah, Shaker Heights

I look at the photos of the dancers, and they are aglow with pleasure.  So many people told me how much fun they had and what an amazingly versatile band Yiddishe Cup is -- and I so agree!

Your musicianship carried us from one happy moment to the next, one great song after another.  And, Alice, your sprightly leadership kept everyone so engaged and entertained, especially me.  It couldn't have been better.


Linda Silverstein, mother of bar mitzvah, Troy, Mich.

Wow! You are the best band.  You got the party rocking before we even sat down for dinner. 
I was worried, as you know, because my son wanted a DJ.  I asked him what I should tell you about the party and these are his words: "They made it fun. They got the kids into it.  Friends afterwards commented how good the band was.  I would recommend this band to anyone for their party."
A number of people, both Jewish and non-Jewish, asked for your number.  I do take bird dog fees!
You all did a fantastic job.  What a great party we had, thanks to all of you!

Liz and David Elkus, parents of bar mitzvah, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

You are incredible musicians. Each of you has something to offer. Your timing was perfect when you came into the sanctuary! Daniel's face lit up, and you set the tone for our fabulous simcha.

I am forever grateful to you and your abilities to entertain kids and adults, at the same time in one room, and make so many people happy. Our friends and Daniel's buddies haven't stopped complimenting your style.

Sharon Newman, mother of bat mitzvah, Moreland Hills

We're getting great reviews. You got everyone into the dancing. The kids had fun with Danny, and the adults loved the table music. Thanks again for a great afternoon, and Rachel really, really enjoyed!

Patty Inglis, mother of bat mitzvah, Shaker Heights

The band did a great job. Please pass on a special thanks to Daniel. He did a terrific job with the kids and the adults. He made a big difference in the feel of the party.

Denny Lehman, bar mitzvah, Chagrin Falls

I loved your music. It made my party so much fun. Everyone loved it when you went table-to-table taking requests. You made my party so awesome. You put the "special" in my special day.

Chester Paskin, father of bat mitzvah, Shaker Heights

We were really pleased with the band's performance, as were our guests. The real testimonial to your success comes from my son, who mostly listens to 92.3 - skateboarder music. He's already requested Yiddishe Cup for his bar mitzvah. Did you ever think you'd be big with the skateboarder crowd?

Faith Siskind, mother of bar mitzvah, Pittsburgh

You guys did a great job.  The evening was exactly how I wanted it to be. Thanks for backing up my singing cousins.  Sam, our bar mitzvah boy, had a great time.

Steve Warner, father of bar mitzvah, Cleveland Heights

You guys are great.  We continue to receive great comments!

Debbie Baumgart, mother of bat mitzvah, Pepper Pike

I can't tell you how many people came up to me and were so thrilled to see you at the party.  They loved when the group serenaded individual tables during the entree.  And many, many people were so happy to have traditional Jewish music at the party, rather than just the popular music.  I thought having you in the atrium during the cocktail hour was especially nice and my personal favorite time (although not if I have to get into the chair!) was Havah Nagilah.  For me, that makes it!  Thanks to Alice and all of your band members!

Jeanne Shatten, mother of bat mitzvah, Shaker Heights

Just wanted to let you know the band was GREAT, as expected, and in particular everyone loved how you got everyone up and dancing in one long hora! We had a ball, and it made the DJ we hired for Julia's kid party the next night much more tolerable. (Actually, they also did their job well!)

Thanks. I'll be calling back for more in two years. Loren says she really likes the "dance-lady," which I think is Alice!

Jan Braverman, mother of bar mitzvah, Orange Village

Daniel, once again you were terrific! Ben says the highlight of his party was spinning on the tray.  Everyone -- including the kids -- enjoyed the dancing.  Our only mistake was hiring a DJ!  That will teach us to never listen to our kids!

Beth Wildman, mother of bat mitzvah, Kent

I'm not sure if it is in good form or not for the musicians to upstage the Bat Mitzvah, but you guys came close.  (Maybe even succeeded, but I thought it would be impolite if I said that.)  Young and old, Jew and non-Jew, etc. all commented about you.  People have said that they have never had such a great time.

Cynthia Silverstein, mother of bat mitzvah, Buffalo, NY

Thank you to you and your band for adding so much to our celebration. We're still in heaven.

Susan Grody Ruben, mother of bar mitzvah, Beachwood

You of course were fantastic and perfect.  Thank you so much for being part of our simcha.

Anita and David Rosenbaum, parents of bar mitzvah, Beachwood

Thank you so much for helping to make Benjamin's bar mitzvah such a success.  The music and games were great.

Susan Gellman, mother of bar mitzvah, Columbus

Everyone is talking about how much fun Benjy's bar mitzvah party was, and I know why -- because you guys are the best. Absolutely perfect for our Purim party, as you were for that elegant wedding last June. Thank you for showing our family and friends (and us) such a wonderful time.

 Susie and David Mandel, parents of bar mitzvah, Solon

You were all great! Everyone spoke about "how wonderful the band was". Thanks for helping with our special weekend.

Andrea Steinberger, mother of bat mitzvah, Akron

It was a great party -- our guests enjoyed themselves and we loved every minute. Thanks!

Mindy and David Baroff, parents of bar mitzvah, Youngstown

Thank you so much for participating in Richard's bar mitzvah. Your timing was perfect, and everyone present that night agreed that your music really made the service come alive. People actually commented they enjoyed the service so much they never even looked at their watches! Thanks again for helping to make Richard's bar mitzvah a day we'll always remember


 Jack and Blanche Valancy, parents of bar mitzvah, Cleveland Heights

Thank you for helping us celebrate Zev’s bar mitzvah. The music and dancing made the reception festive and fun. Special thanks for allowing Zev to sit in on a few tunes and for playing Sephardic music for Jack’s mother. Our family and friends had a great time!

Ken Rosenthal, father of bar mitzvah, Akron

We really enjoyed your playing, and Alice’s leading the dances. We are looking forward to hearing you at First Night.

Larry and Suellen Kadis, parents of bar mitzvah, Moreland Hills

We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your band for the wonderful job that you did at Justin’s bar mitzvah. Our family and our guests were thrilled with the quality of your work and also by the fact that it helped to create such festive environment. As we look back fondly on that day we know that you helped to make it special.

Jan Braverman, mother of bat mitzvah, Orange Village

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah party. Everyone thought your music was terrific and you provided the Jewish flavor that was important to our family. We’ll be calling you soon for our son’s bar mitzvah in 2000!

Dr. Hinda and Howard Abramoff, parents of bat mitzvah, Shaker Heights

I just wanted to let you know that we thought your band was fabulous. Everyone said they had a great time and that the music and dancing were really special. Also, everyone enjoyed the music at the tables during dinner. P.S. Alice was great too!

 Dr. Terry and Angela Gordon, parents of bat mitzvah, Richfield

You all were more than I expected. You made this evening an unbelievable one for us!

Cantor Sarah Sager, mother of bar mitzvah, Shaker Heights

Thank you for a wonderful celebration! Please convey my special thanks to Daniel for his generosity and for his amazing ability to turn any gathering into a special, remarkable, all-inclusive happening! With every good wish.

Eli Cohen, bar mitzvah, South Euclid

Thank you so much for making my party great. I also want to thank you for the CD and shirt. I’ll see you maybe in two years at my brother’s bar mitzvah.

Britt Gordon, sister of bat mitzvah, Richfield

Thank you for allowing me to play with your awesome band! I will never forget that night (or any of you!) My mom let me have the T-shirt you gave her and I wore it to school! I listen to your music all the time. You’re the greatest!


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