American Demo (10-minutes)




Funk vs. Klezmer

You’re not sure you want to hear James Brown with a Yiddish accent.

On the other hand, you don’t want a sleazeball “Wedding Singer” belting out “Hava Nagila.”   The solution: Yiddishe Cup.
You know we do the Jewish stuff better than anybody and – what you probably don’t know -- our  “American” credentials are impeccable.

Our singer/keyboard player spent more than 10 years in Rebels Without Applause, a terrific rock band in Cleveland.

Our other singer began his music career with Turk and the Turbans. (Never heard of them?)  He’s been in a ton of bands since then. He even was in an Irish duo.  Not bad for a guy named Weinberger.

One Yiddishe Cup member played in rock bands and salsa groups in California for years.  Another guy played in the U. of Michigan jazz band.  Our drummer has played jazz for the last million years.  He’s really old.

Bottom line, if you just want a quick “Hava Nagila” set, call the other bands.  If you want, say, 25 percent or more Jewish music, call us.

We play 17 different instruments.  We can project like a “Count Basie” band if necessary; we once successfully played a wedding for 800 people in St. Louis.  They all heard us.

We rehearse twice a month.  Most wedding bands rarely, if ever, rehearse.  The typical bandleader acts like a librarian on stage, distributing sheet music to guys neatly seated in rows.  It’s like middle-school band.   We stand up when we play. We rock!    During the dinner hour, most bands go outside to smoke; we go table to table to smoke – not cigarettes.  Music.


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